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How to Use the Resource Kit

The Resource Kit is designed to guide you through the process of developing a comprehensive plan to address alcohol impaired driving in your community. The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) process begins with conducting a community assessment to collect data that clearly identifies and defines the impaired driving problem as well as the root causes and specific local conditions that underline the problem. In the Resource Kit, start by reviewing the information about gathering data to assess community conditions.

Second, review the logic models examples to observe how the problem, root causes and local conditions are linked as a way to guide the next step of planning.  This will help assure you will select interventions and strategies that directly impact the problems in your community.

Third, examine the research and evidence-based strategies that are associated with your defined problem. Then, after reviewing the examples we have provided, complete your Intervention Map for a defined local condition.

Be sure to check out the additional resources, training and research in this Resource Kit and on CADCA’s website that can help you move forward to make population-level change in impaired driving rates in your community.